Here you can find links to my work for a variety of publications. Enjoy!


Reported Work

Top 10 People of 2018-DC Spotlight News, January 2019

Where is Cathy Lanier when you need her? -DC Spotlight News, December 2018

So You Want to Patent an App...- AMD Law Group, November 2018

Article 13 Ramifications Chill Content Creation- AMD Law Group, November 2018

Navigating Patent Protection Abroad- AMD Law Group, November 2018 (edited)

Is Copyright Law Finally Catching Up to the Digital Era? -AMD Law Group, November 2018 (edited)

Get Out the Vote: Young Voters WantedDC Spotlight News, November 2018

One Nation Consumed by Suicide- DC Spotlight News, October 2018

Comedian Dave Chappelle rallies for Democrat, “confidant” Ben Jealous in Maryland governor’s race-DC Spotlight News, October 2018

Denzel Washington, Kelly Rowland crown 2018 Boys and Girls Club of America’s Youth of the Year- DC Spotlight News, October 2018


Must-See Sites in Paris- Travelista, June 2018


Red State Blues- Adolphus Press, November 2018

The Myth of the Female Orgasm in the Age of #MeToo-Not Your Mother's Breast Milk, October 2018

Tastes Like Love- Eat Darling Eat,  August 2018


The Story of the Rungs' 'Balcony'-Two Story Melody, December 2018

Ev'Yan Whitney Wants You to Talk About Sex-Adolphus Press, October 2018

The Story of A Different Thread's 'Rosa, Rosa'- Two Story Melody, October 2018

Meet the Mysterious Assistant Behind 'The Everything Girl'-Adolphus Press, August 2018


Top 10 Alternative Albums of 2018-Two Story Melody, January 2019

Parks' 'Sweater Weather' will Keep You Warm in Winter-January 2019

Amour Glamour's 'Love in the Shower' is a Trippy Tribute to Britpop- Two Story Melody, December 2018

Homes' 'Loveable' Will Make a Home in Your Heart-Two Story Melody, December 2018

Crooked Trees' 'Vertigo' Will Suck You In- Two Story Melody, December 2018

Under the Rug's "A Serial Killer Comes Home" is Halloween in November-Two Story Melody, November 2018

Fox & Bone's "A Better Land" is an Island of Hope- Two Story Melody, November 2018

Charm of Finches' "The Bridge" is Beautiful but Fumbling- Two Story Melody, October 2018

Cote's "Meet Me in the Morning" is an Anthem for the Fragile-Two Story Melody, October 2018

The Exit's 'Press Repeat' is a High Energy Anthem- Two Story Melody, October 2018

The Ethereal Charm of Aurora's 'Forgotten Love'- Two Story Melody, September 2018

'Straight White Men Falls Short"-Adolphus Press, September 2018'

Pop Appeal with a Difference: Angus Legg's 'House of Stone'-Two Story Melody, September 2018

The Melancholic Whimsey of Diemm's 'Moon Pocket'-Two Story Melody, September 2018

The Teen Drem Vibes of Itto's 'What We Do' - Two Story Melody, August 2018


Short Stories

Caiina- Sonder Midwest, October 2018 (print only)

The Hall- Adolphus Press, October 2018

The Wives Discuss"Nobody's Wife" Anthology, Zimbell House Publishing, September 2018 (print only)

Reasons to Stay-Adolphus Press, August 2018

Aristaeus Sleeps- Ink & Voices, July 2018

A Mother's Letter-Chaleur Magazine, June 2018


Till Death-The Players Theatre Short Play Festival, October 2018 (stage play)